CompassWorks is a full service consulting firm serving nonprofit and mission-driven organizations around New England and the globe.

Our areas of expertise and experience are as diverse as our interests and include:

  • Start-up and Incorporation Assistance
  • Mission, Vision, and Strategy Formulation
  • Board and Leadership Retreats
  • Strategic Projects
  • Capacity Building and Temporary Capacity Support
  • Adventure Programming
  • Business Planning and Research
  • Program Administration
  • Proposal and Grant Writing
  • Brick and Mortar Capital Projects

CompassWorks is proud to serve many organizations pro-bono and on a sliding fee scale.  If you have an organization or start-up in need of assistance, but are limited by funds, don't hesitate to CONTACT US for a free consultation about your needs and if CompassWorks can offer support.

Many of our projects, as diverse as they are, start with the thought "Wouldn't if be great if we could... Too bad we don't have the capacity to do that now."  

CompassWorks specializes in adding capacity to programs on a short-term, low-risk basis, allowing our partners to achieve strategic goals without taking on staff or drastically adding to budgets.

Our Services

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